Got Chiropractic?

  • Name, Address, Phone number and an email address if you would like us to forward the initial paperwork to you. This way you can complete the information in the comfort of your own home.
  • Your Date of Birth and Social Security number is required for our legal records.
  • Please advise us if you have been in an auto or work related injury.
  • We are preferred providers for Blue Shield of California.. We can bill most insurances.  To verify your benefits, we will need the following :
    • Insurance Company Name and Phone Number
    • Group Name (often your employer group)
    • Group Number
    • Policy or Member Id
  •  If you were in Auto or Work Related injury, the following needs to have happened:
    • A claim must be filed with your auto insurance or your work supervisor
    • We will need your adjusters name and phone number and you must already have a claim number
    • Auto injuries - you will need to find out if you have med-pay on your policy and yous should also inquire what your benefit limit maximum is so that you don't end up with a out-of pocket surprise at the end of your care.
    • In the State of California (3rd party) the other drivers insurance will not pay the doctor directly, that is why we need the patient's auto insurance to cover medical expenses.If you do not have medical coverage on your policy we can recommend you to a few attorneys we work with.
    • Work injuries - the rules and guidelines have gotten pretty specific. You will need to have in- hand a pre-authorization to do an exam and initial treatment from your work-comp carrier.
  •  On your first visit please:
    • bring a current photo ID and a copy of your insurance card
    • allow enough time for traffic and parking - this is LA after all
    • depending on your current health care need and the complexity of your exam allow at least an hour for your first visit - more if your are as detail oriented