recycle, rejuvenate and regenerate!!!!

Dr Claire O'Neill DC, FICPA, FICCT
Recycle your health,
celebrate what mother nature
can do for you!

It's spring, It's Earth Day,It's time to recycle, rejuvenate and regenerate!!!!

Chiropractic can stop and reverse Osteo Arthritis. By getting adjusted we can straighten the wrong curves in your back and give you those sexy curves of life to put the Spring in Your Step And make you stand  taller. 

By removing the nerve interference and increasing the nerve supply to all parts of your body, you get pain relief, need less or no medication, and become the high energy bright light bulb we are supposed to be.

Remember Dr.4Xer ‘s research showing that if you’re under regular wellness Chiropractic care for 5 years or more you have the ability to fight cancer 4 times better then anyone else!!  Thanks to good nerve supply!  Remember we should be able to live easily past 100 years of age.  Remember the Hunzas!!    We FEEL and look younger, healthier, LOOK younger and PHYSICALLY are younger and healthier!!   RENEW, REJUVINATE AND REGENERATE!!    Mr. Garegen says it all….. I felt OLD when really I’m young!! Thanks to GFCA, I feel Young Again.!!

Talk about feeling young again…I’m back and full of energy!! Thanks to my team of health providers, including my chiropractor and all of you!!  If you haven’t been in to get Renewed, Regenerated and Rejuvenated in the past year 

Now I wish I could say I was in Europe on vacation in my absence but I actually was very busy following up on my book I’ve been  Speaking/Lecturing, giving/doing webinars, Starting a new radio program, putting together DVDs, CDs and power point presentations on health and wellness. The information is some for the general public, and some for health care professionals..   Check us out on Facebook, Woman of Wellness website, Health E etc.  Don’t forget to gives us a great review on Angie’s List, Yelp and or our website and blog. 



We believe in helping sick and injured people. Our Chiropractic program for Wellness offers three stages of care to correct the "Vertebral Subluxation Complex" (V.S.C).
You and Dr. O'Neill will determine which type of care fits your needs.

·          Initial Intensive Care is designated to correct the latest layers of the vertebral subluxation complex (V.S.C.) This type of care lasts from weeks to months for adults and visits are frequent.

·       Reconstructive Care visits are less frequent, usually over a period of months to years. Care at this stage allows the body time to repair as much long term damage as possible., and not
just the original condition.

·       Wellness Care visits are one time a week, and the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC) is continually corrected and prevented on an individual basis.

We offer an affordable system of Wellness Care to state of the art chiropractic care. To reduce the financial stress of long-term health care and unexpected emergencies for individuals and families, we offer multiple payment options:

o Well Patient Care Program (monthly payments)
o Health Savings Plan (affordable planning)
o Health Benefits (insurance assignment)
o Please contact the office for more information.

Dr. Claire’s Wellness Program...

concentrates on teaching prenatal wellness in addition to new information and techniques which are proven to minimize injuries and complications before conception, during the labor-delivery event and through a baby’s early years of development becoming, productive human-being.

The human body is designed to be healthy. Throughout your life, events will occur which could damage your health expression. Many people develop layers of damage, especially to the nerve system, that results in poor health due to injuries healing wrong. Maintaining a Chiropractic Lifestyle, a proper diet and active physical plan will increase the success of your innate health potential.